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Body By Simone: Arms, Back and Core

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The Upper Body Workout Simone uses to get her Celebrity clients ready for movie roles

Simone and her team take you through this 55 minute class targeting the entire upper body and deep core muscles. The class uses interval training techniques and combines Dance Cardio, HIIT Cardio, and conditioning to burn calories, build strength, and create long, lean muscle. A challenging workout designed for all fitness levels, the only equipment you will need are 3 & 5 lb free weights and the BBS x Theraband custom CLX resistance band (or any resistance band)

Difficulty: All
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Body by Simone

Simone De La Rue's world renowned Body By Simone Method combines high intensity dance cardio routines with toning exercises for the upper body, lower body and core. Hollywood A-lister's favorite full body workout, you will torch calories while feeling invigorated and joyous. Leave your ego at the door and dance like nobody is watching!

By Simone De La Rue
LA + NYC + London

Simone De La Rue Celebrity Trainer & Fitness expert CEO of Body By Simone @bbsstudio Author of The 8 week total body transformation E Network Revenge Body Trainer


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