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Tabata Torture with Danny Lauchaire!

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Grab a single dumbbell or a Kettlebell for an intense HIIT workout! It's half of a Tabata sweat sesh so repeat twice! Expect weighted exercises including the clean & press, marching lunges and more!
Difficulty: Intermediate
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Christa DiPaolo

Are you ready for a strong mind, knockout body, supportive squad and a ton of fun? I can't wait to be a part of your fitness journey and help you find the balance of both fitness & fun! From boxing, kickboxing, strength training, jump rope, core and so much more, YOU choose your own workout adventure! Join the B&B squad to access my ever growing fitness library. New workouts added WEEKLY.

By Christa DiPaolo
Miami Beach

Founder of Boxing & Bubbles Fitness Community // Co-Creator & National Manager of THE CUT & THE CUT: Jump Rope presented by @EQUINOX Live, Love, Laugh & Sweat


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