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Body Reborn

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Christine’s gentle but effective program includes three progressive workouts, easing you from beginner exercises with a focus on reconditioning the deep pelvic floor muscles and sculpting the core – to intermediate exercises with more attention to toning key areas like hips, pelvis, thighs and arms. Short energy-building workouts can fit into your busy schedule throughout the day while you focus on your new beautiful baby.

  • All exercises are created to reactivate and strengthen the deep pelvic floor muscles and core
  • Pilates, yoga and ballet inspired moves strengthen, tone and elongate the full body
  • Workouts target key areas to sculpt the hips, pelvis, glutes and arms
  • Stretches low back, hips and chest – along with other areas of the body that are commonly tight post-pregnancy
  • Short effective energy-building workouts perfect to fit into your day anywhere for a busy mom
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Christine Bullock

Fitness, Beauty & Lifestyle Expert. Creator of Evolution 20, Super Shred and Body Reborn Fitness Series. Co-Creator of award-winning KAYO Body Care.

By Christine Bullock

▫️Mom to #remirain ▫️Co-Founder of award-winning Body Care @kayobetterbody ▫️20 min fit programs - Evolution 20 & Super Shred KAYOBODYCARE.COM


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