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Super Shred

4.8 Stars · 4 Reviews

Get maximum results in just 20 minutes a day with “Evolution 20’s” newest program – Super Shred. Christine packs in a 45 minute workout into just 20 minutes. You will challenge every part of your body, by working muscles with a flurry of variations for maximum impact and results.

Whether you need fast weight-loss for a special occasion or you are determined to get the super shredded physique you always dreamed of – Super Shred blasts fat, crushes stubborn trouble areas and shreds your physique fast! As always, Christine offers basic and advanced modifications so you can scale the workouts to your fitness level. Whether you are a beginner or an elite athlete this workout can match your fitness level.

This is Christine’s successful “Evolution 20” program, on hyperdrive.  Super Shred includes:

Core Crusher – An intense ab workout designed to take inches off your waistline from 360 degrees, intermixing unique toning core exercises with high intensity drills to blast fat, so you can show off your six-pack.

Metabolic Blast – Burn and firm with a mixture of full body toners incorporating weights and high intensity drills that will burn calories for up to 24 hours after this workout.

Total Knockout – Head-to-toe toning in every exercise. Every exercise works the upper and lower body with weighted exercises focusing on building muscles in the glutes, hamstrings, shoulders, biceps and triceps, while toning lean muscle in trouble spots like inner thighs, outer thighs, hips and core – for a beautiful strong figure 8 physique.

Tour de Force – Blast fat fast and maximize results, incorporating elite athlete drills that challenged your cardiovascular endurance, speed, agility, and strength. This will be your tour de force for the day!

Crank up the fat-burning, tone your figure, and strengthen your whole body, all in under 20 minutes a day. Get SUPER SHREDDED today!

This plan is a bundle of 4 videos that you will have access to stream forever from your device's browser, the Glow iPhone and AppleTV Apps, Chromecast to your TV, and our channel on Roku.

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Favorite Item (26)

Super Shred

4.8 Stars · 4 Reviews
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Christine Bullock

Fitness, Beauty & Lifestyle Expert. Creator of Evolution 20, Super Shred and Body Reborn Fitness Series. Co-Creator of award-winning KAYO Body Care.

By Christine Bullock

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Overall Rating
4.8 | 4 Reviews
Looks easy but it's a burner
I used 5 and 7 lb weights for this one and the last round really is a killer. Very effective 20 min.
akoko @akoko
November 12, 2019
A great endurance workout
Great for strengthening feet and ankles. I feel invigorated and ready to start my day. I will do weights later. :-)
akoko @akoko
October 28, 2019
Don't let her sweet voice fool you, this is a serious workout!
I wonder if I will ever get to the point where I can do this continuously and talk as well. It was a demanding workout.
akoko @akoko
October 26, 2019