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Elite Fitness & Nutritional Guide

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Elite Fitness & Nutritional Guide

In order to become the strongest athlete you can be you need to support your fitness with the proper diet. The 60-day program is designed to boost your overall health and energy, fuel the workouts, and help you build a lean, strong, tone body.

The meal plan is delicious, healthy, and simple. At its core, Evolution20® increases the amount of tasty, nourishing, alkaline plant foods into your diet - while removing acidic toxic foods. Each day includes protein, complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals your bodyneeds. Plant-based meals are nutrient dense, high in fiber, and low on theglycemic index which will keep you fuller for longer.

Make mealtime simpler with recipes all prepared around 20 minutes. Weekly meal plans are combined based on the nutritional value of each recipe and properly combined meals.

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Christine Bullock

Fitness, Beauty & Lifestyle Expert. Creator of Evolution 20, Super Shred and Body Reborn Fitness Series. Co-Creator of award-winning KAYO Body Care.

By Christine Bullock

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