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FREE 5 Day Fierce & Fit Workout Guide

4.2 Stars · 5 Reviews

Ready to hop into a full 5 Day Fitness Routine, FREE!? The secret to decreasing fat, trimming, and toning is to blend BOTH Strength and Cardio Workouts. Fierce & Fit Creator, Michelle Riley, gives you a full 5 days of Strength and Cardio workouts with a full break down of what equipment you’ll need as well as exactly how to perform each exercise to ensure safety and effectiveness.

This 5 Day Fierce & Fit Workout Guide not only tells you what exercises to do but gives you proper technique description on how to do them! Fierce & Fit Creator, Michelle Riley, gives you in depth instruction on each exercise to ensure your safety. This 5 day Guide gives you 3 full body Strength workouts as well as 2 Cardio workouts. Each Strength workout is a different full body workout requiring only a set of dumbbells. Each Cardio workout gives you a running how-to guide for interval running to best suite all levels of fitness. You will be instructed on which days to do what type of exercise as well as exactly what equipment you will use for each. This is your workout so make sure you are challenging yourself to become your Fiercest & Fittest self!

This product is a PDF which can be downloaded to your computer or iPhone.

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FREE 5 Day Fierce & Fit Workout Guide

5 Days of Strength & Cardio Workouts complete with How-To’s and Technique Descriptions.
4.2 Stars · 5 Reviews
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Fierce & Fit by Michelle Riley

Fierce & Fit is a spunky, highly effective, and empowering women's online studio where you can come and always get brand new fitness classes and programs to beat those weight loss plateaus. Creator and Trainer, Michelle Riley brings you all the energy and confidence to deliver quick/ effective workouts you can do ANYWHERE that will have you coming back for more!

By Fierce & Fit

Owner of Fierce & Fit, Michelle Riley, is ready to teach women how to love, honor, and empower themselves through fitness and nutrition. With her energetic and spunky attitude, Michelle uses her expertise in Training and Nutrition Coaching to guide women through quick and effective full body workouts while also giving nutritional advice to lead your healthiest and happiest life. It’s time for YOU to put yourself first! With Michelle’s help not only will you be singing a different tune but you will learn to love yourself day in-day out while being confident in the skin you’re in!


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Overall Rating
4.2 | 5 Reviews
Best trainer ever
I have tried many training programs over the years but Michelle by, far is truly the best out there. You don't just sign up, give money and move on. Michelle sticks with you through and through. She is with you ever step of the way. Her professional but candid enthusiastic personality is beyond contagious. Don't be afraid you can't keep up, she helps you modify until you can. You want to look good and feel good........she is definitely your gal!!! Joann
JP @Jpmckay56
August 09, 2019
I want to download but I'm not able to. What do I do??
Koren Collins @koreniebear
July 30, 2019 California
Not able to view
I can't view the workout
Jfeliglz @jfeliglz
July 26, 2019
Amazing Trainer and Program!
Michelle is an amazing trainer! She provides you with fitness plans that are achievable, challenging, and fun. I love Michelle’s style of training and how she breaks down each workout so I know exactly what to do. Not only does she provide effective workouts that I can do in just 30 minutes a day, she also provides motivational support and educational tips. She truly cares about each of her clients and wants them to achieve their fitness goals.
CyndiG @cyndig99
July 22, 2019
The Best Shape of My Life After 2 Kids
Michelle has truly helped me get in the best shape of my life! With the craziness of two babies, being a business owner which includes travel, non-stop weekend activities, etc. Michelle has crafted a plan that fits in my schedule! Even on the days I can think of one million excuses not to work out, I always tell myself that everyone has 30 minutes a day to work out! That’s truly all it’s taken - 30 minutes of working out per day paired with a beautiful meal plan. I can’t thank Michelle enough and I refer her to all the boss babes I know!
Amanda Campbell @AmandaCampbell
July 10, 2019
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