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FitYou Food Guide

Clean eating food guide that doesn’t eliminate any food groups. Healthy eating that is not a diet!
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FitYou Food Guide

My FitYou Food Guide is a snapshot of how we eat in my house. I put together dozens of simple, delicious & healthy meals to help you better understand healthy eating. You get

  • My personal grocery checklist
  • 44 easy meals & snacks
  • Step-by-step original recipes
  • Tips for simple healthy eating
  • Weekly meal prep calendar (where I show you how to plan ahead)

There are no food groups that are “off limits”, with this plan. I mean, when someone says you can’t have cheese... all you want is cheese, right?! Haha! Instead, I show you how to make tasty food that’s satisfying & good for you. This is something you can maintain and will want to stick with. Let this be your guide to a lifetime of clean-eating & fitness! 

Make healthy eating a lifestyle, not something you just do to lose weight. This guide provides fast, healthy recipes that taste great!

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Fitness expert & mama helping others make health choices a lifestyle. Elyse is an international trainer with NordicTrack, a Bootcamp instructor & virtual coach focusing on quick workouts & fast clean meals.

By Elyse

Fitness expert & mama of two helping others make healthy choices into a lifestyle. Elyse is an international trainer with NordicTrack & iFit, a bootcamp instructor, nutrition consultant & virtual coach. Her workout style is fast, effective & with little to no equipment. Elyse is all about quick, clean meals and short, intense workouts so you can get on with life's many demands.


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