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ISC Wellness MealPlan (8 Weeks)

Lose the Baby weight, Get ready for that wedding or Prepare For your first competition! Customized MealPlans Designed for your goals!
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ISC Wellness MealPlan (8 Weeks)

6/8/12 week MealPlans aimed to burn fat, maintain muscle, speed up your metabolism and help you NOT feel hungry!!! Having a background in engineering and physics Ingrid takes a science approach to burning fat. She wrote her own computer program to calculate client macros based on more than just their height and weight. For only $100 per week, daily check ins, changes every two weeks to prevent plateauing! extremely detailed plan lays out what to eat for each meal, how much carbs, protein and fat and so much more. She also walks you through how to maintain your new look and still go out to brunch!


 “I have been dealing with nutritionists , trainers , books therapists. Thousands of dollars spent and working with you has been the best experience with an actual solution and long term education. I think you have something really special. I will try to market you as much as I can.” - Michelle M 

“ I have so much energy now, I can’t believe that food was the missing key to getting rid of my sluggishness.” - C. Grace 

“I’ve learned to control and maintain my weight with the help of Ingrid’s Plan...I never thought a day would come when I didn’t associate food with guilt.” - Anonymous 

“You weren't lying when you said our bodies can be manipulated through food.” - Francisco A. 

To say Ingrid's meal plan has changed my life would be an understatement. I haven't just changed physically: weight loss, inches lost, better energy and stamina, my approach to my health and well being has become paramount. I am taking care of myself in a way I never had before, and I've never felt better. Meal prepping and working out is a part of my daily routine. I'm a better person for it, and I owe it all to Ingrid's Fit Meals!! - Tameka 

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks...I say, what a notion that can’t be further from the truth. Your training program and meal plan have provide me with a pragmatic way of making healthy nutritional and exercise decisions that have effectively moved me toward my life style goals for continued quality living. As an engineer, my comfort rests with understanding the calculus. And you have proven it to me. It works!!! The 6-meal a day meal plan coupled with the 6-days a week workout regime have produced positive results beyond my expectation. I have a better understanding of the nutritional factors that play a key role in my overall health. My clothes have dropped a couple of sizes. Checked my weight...I have reduced my weight by more than 12% over an eight week period, my energy level has reached new heights and I just feel healthier overall!!! The workouts have proven to be most beneficial, I have gotten stronger through the weight training my body looks toned, increased muscle definition and more muscle body feels firmer...less jiggling in some of those trouble spots. Updated wardrobe coming up, Yay!! - Gary Hawkins 

"Let me preface this by saying I suffered an injury end of last year and wasn’t able to drive, work or workout. Additionally, over two years ago I became a vegan. With not much else to do but watch movies and wait for the pain to subside, I indulged in a lot of vegan treats — and believe me, they might have better ingredients but they can certainly put the pounds on. When I was able to start working out again I wanted to do more than just get rid of the treats — that was a start but I wanted to know about eating the right way to live a healthy vegan lifestyle. Something told me “ask Ingrid” — honestly I thought when I asked her she was going to jot down some healthy foods on a yellow pad and say “here ya go” — I had no idea she had Ingrid’s fit meals and actually designed meal plans and I am so incredibly grateful I asked. Weather you’re a trainer, new or veteran, or just someone working out and wanting to learn right or hit the next level — Ingrid is knowledgeable, insightful, gentle but firm and always there when you need her. I signed up for her meal plan to start — I was given a 10 page PDF and the old dog began to learn some new tricks. I started eating before teaching classes, something I had never done — I was having six meals a day and everything on that plate was measured according to what ingrid designed for my age/weight and goals. I began to meal prep. Then after seeing amazing results and feeling better than I’ve felt in a long long time, I wanted to get out of my box, I wanted to train with her for my legs, so I could get effective workouts while protecting my injury — and again, found myself so glad I asked. 6 months later, with Ingrid as my guru, I feel great, i get told all the time “what are you doing you looks great” and I preach from the mountain tops “talk to ingrid, she is AMAZING” — I love our workout sessions together, i cherish the time with her. I have also taken advantage of her meal prep service — which helps a LOT when you’re on the go, traveling etc. She preps for a mere 20 dollars a meal, for six meals a day — its so worth it. She’s an incredible cook, I look forward to every meal. It’s a real treat to come home from travel and not have to start prepping — or most weeks when I just don’t feel like cooking the whole week, I get 3 days from her and do the rest. It’s win win people! I’m in the business of diet and exercise being the fountain of youth — so I’m in for the long haul with Ingrid! I love her madly!" -- Barry Jay

About This Shop

Shop hosted by INGRID S CLAY, Personal Trainer, Barrys Bootcamp SeniorTrainer, BodyBuilder, and Plant-Based Chef. This shop is designed to feed the mind, body, and soul. "There is no ending to what we are becoming"

By Ingrid S Clay

Ingrid S Clay, from Lafayette Louisiana, graduated with a degree in Physics from Xavier University; a degree in Electrical Engineering from North Carolina A&T Univeristy; and her MBA from Simmons College. Her science background influences the way she views her fitness and nutrition programs, making them more effective with lasting results. Ingrid lives by the philosophy that fitness is all encompassing. In order for the body to perform at its optimum level, it must be fueled with the right foods. However, the drive, motivation, perseverance, and discipline come from the inner-being, inner-self, and soul. Body Sculpting, Nutrition Planning, Strength + Conditioning, Booty Building, and Group Fitness are Ingrid’s specialty. She incorporates Mediation and Mindfulness, in her nutrition and fitness programs. Ingrid is a firm believer in taking care of the soul as it is the core of who we are and it’s where we find balance. Throughout her 10 years in the industry, Ingrid has become well traveled as she has journeyed to many countries and states competing and training. Ingrid is a Plant-based Chef, Competitive Bodybuilder (National Qualifier in Bikini and Figure), and Certified Personal Trainer.


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