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JJ Dancer Bangin' Body Class

5.0 Stars · 2 Reviews

Are you ready for an extra fun challenge?! This 45-minute powerhouse workout is truly the next level of fitness training! This full-body workout is 1/2 Dance Cardio and 1/2 Toning, bringing a FUN and sweaty dance party together with focused muscle conditioning.

JJ’s electrifying dance cardio consists of easy to follow, high-energy dance routines derived from styles like Hip-Hop, Jazz-Funk, Salsa, Ballet, Belly Dance and lots of twerking!!! Throw in some plyometrics, kickboxing, and full-body muscle conditioning, with the optional use of light weights and a mat , and you’ve got a class designed to tone and create new muscles, build endurance, and sculpt a LEAN, STRONG and SEXY dancer’s body! It’s all about hard work, sweat and fun, set to great music, and all that you’ve got to give! The energy in JJ’s class is like nothing you’ve ever felt before! “Bangin' Body” is addicting and is designed to change your body and your mind, leaving you feeling empowered and unstoppable! Come get that Bangin’ Body, boo!

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Category: Hip Hop Dance Cardio & Toning
Difficulty: All

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Favorite Item (23)

JJ Dancer Bangin' Body Class

5.0 Stars · 2 Reviews
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JJ Dancer

Hip Hop Dance Cardio & Strength Training

By JJ Dancer
Los Angeles, CA

The multi-faceted Jennifer “JJ Dancer” Johnson is a certified personal trainer, vegan activist, professional dancer/choreographer, and the “it girl” of hip-hop dance cardio workouts! JJ is the creator of the JJ Dancer Method-- a one of a kind, cutting-edge fitness program that combines hip-hop dance cardio, intense muscle conditioning, plyometrics, kickboxing, and ballet barre techniques, with JJ’s celebrity training secrets. Her electrifying workouts are regularly featured in Cosmopolitan, People, Self, Shape, and Women’s Health magazines, just to name a few, along with television shows such as Entertainment Tonight, The Insider, PopSugar, KTLA and E! News. The traveling fitness maven frequently teaches workshops, retreats, conferences, teacher trainings, and performs all over the world with major fitness brands, such as Adidas, Fabletics, Wanderlust, Space Cycle China, and Champion Spirit Paris, making television appearances, shooting campaigns, as well as training international celebrities and fitness enthusiasts. JJ has regularly trained high profile clients such as Jessica Alba, Jenna Dewan, Nicole Scherzinger, Olivia Munn, NBA champion, John Salley, and many more. JJ has been dancing since the age of four and began her professional career at age eight performing with The Chicago City Ballet and Ruth Paige Ballet. As a professional dancer and choreographer, JJ has performed and toured the globe with artists such as Beyoncé, Kanye West, Pitbull, Lil Wayne, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Carlos Santana, and more. JJ has also been featured in many music videos, national commercials, films and television shows, including Dancing with the Stars, MTV Video Music Awards, The American Music Awards, Fashion Rocks, and many others. One of JJ’s favorite experiences with the big screen was actually behind the screen, when she trained and choreographed for Jessica Alba for the films, Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For and Dear Eleanor. After hosting her own online dance fitness series on Cosmopolitan magazine’s video fitness app– CosmoBody-- for which she was one of the lead spokespersons for, JJ went on to expand the brand by training and certifying a team of JJ Dancer Trainers, who currently teach daily classes and private sessions in LA. Inspired to expand the JJ Dancer Method on a global level, in April 2017, JJ partnered with Space Cycle China to create the latest dance cardio program--Space Moves-- in Shanghai, Beijing, and Taipei, where JJ has trained and certified over 30 trainers to teach the JJ Dancer Method! Following the ongoing success in the Asian markets, JJ recently partnered with Alter Studio in Mexico City, certifying even more amazing trainers to bring The JJ Dancer Method to Mexico and South America! JJ’s love for her work is infectious and she believes in fully challenging each individual client to their absolute limits, while making it a priority that training is extremely FUN for all fitness levels! JJ is dedicated to promoting empowerment and confidence through fitness.


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Overall Rating
5.0 | 2 Reviews
So energizing!
I just love everything about JJ- the energy, the fun dance moves, the awesome workout and the muscle work. She makes me so happy. If you know JJ Dancer Workouts from Popsugar, you’ll know what to expect and be able to follow the moves. If you have never tried them, I maybe recommend watching the ones on YouTube to learn the moves first.
Viviane @vcsopi
December 28, 2019
More of these dance workouts please
The dance portion of this video is fantastic. I loved the moves and the music (even though it's a generic track it was good). The mat portion was hard, definitely worked some muscles I didn't know I had. Please make more of these videos. It's great for us who love to dance but have no place to dance. It's just a great video for anyone who wants to learn a move or two and work their body too.
akoko @akoko
September 12, 2019