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4 Week Hot Body Meal Plan

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This isn’t your ordinary boring plan with crazy weird recipes and ridiculously expensive ingredients. This is the every girl plan. 4 weeks of simple, easy to follow meals and totally practical for any mega babe who wants to jumpstart her weight loss and change her lifestyle for good! Psssst… You’re already hot. 

It includes...

  • 4 weeks of easy-to-make, fat burning meals
  • 5 simple step-by-step meals each day
  • My top tips to get fast and long lasting results!
  • Grocery shopping guide and food prep tips
  • Over 25 delicious metabolism boosting recipes
  • Daily motivation and inspiration
  • Vegetarian Version also available!

This is a digital download ebook. You will not receive a hard copy.

This product is a PDF which can be downloaded to your computer or iPhone.

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4 Week Hot Body Meal Plan

0.0 Stars
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