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Hot Body Sweat Guide 2.0 (Weeks 9-16)

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The HBSG 2.0 Workout Plan is going to take your workouts (and your body) Next Level! If you’re looking to see definition and tone your entire body, Weeks 9-16 are where it’s at. If you’ve finished weeks 1-8 and want to increase intensity, add in your booty bands and weights to burn maximum calories and build lean muscle, I show you how in this guide!

  • 8 weeks of NEW Workouts (HBSG Weeks 9-16)
  • Elevated Exercises w/ Bands + Free Weights
  • Burn Fat + Tone Your Entire Body
  • Target Problem Areas
  • 30-45 minute Workouts
  • 115 page Guide
  • NEW Bonus Cardio & Ab Workouts Included
  • Burn More Calories w/ Higher Intensity Workouts
  • See Results in Just One Week!

This is a digital download ebook. You will not receive a hard copy.

This product is a PDF which can be downloaded to your computer or iPhone.

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Hot Body Sweat Guide 2.0 (Weeks 9-16)

0.0 Stars
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