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The TOTAL BODY BLAST Training Program

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This program truly is a mirror image of Lita's very own gym-based training. It includes Strength (weights) training, Cardio exercise and Plyometrics; the 3 major training techniques she uses to build and maintain lean muscle and reduce body fat. 

The Total Body Blast Training Program consists of 4 solid weeks of daily workout routines. This is a guide only and clearly lists out each workout and is made easy to follow from your smart phone/iPad.

You will need basic gym knowledge to follow this guide. All movements are straight forward, otherwise easily googlable for reference. You can also contact Lita and team via email for assistance:

Each day of training is dedicated to a specific muscle group, for example; Monday – Leg Day, Tuesday – Shoulders, Wednesday – Biceps & Triceps, and so on. Along with weight training Lita lists her cardiovascular exercise and plyometric movements for you to complete a well rounded session of strength and sweat!

Are you ready to hit the gym?!

This product is a PDF which can be downloaded to your computer or iPhone.

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The TOTAL BODY BLAST Training Program

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