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LIT Method On Demand Membership

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The LIT (Low-Impact-Training) Method

Justin and Taylor Norris created the Low Impact Training Method to provide people with a workout that focuses on building their body, not breaking it. With backgrounds in physical therapy and personal training, they have developed the ultimate fitness experience that is tailored to everyone! With NO RUNNING, NO JUMPING & NO WEIGHTS the LIT Method focuses on delivering a high intensity, low impact workout that focuses on injury prevention.


As innovators in the fitness industry, Justin and Taylor have been featured on the Dr. Phil show, The Doctors, NY times, People Magazine, Bravo, E! and so much more.


With over 10 years of experience, they understand what it takes to deliver results and keep your body functioning at it’s peak performance for years to come.

 With retail locations and an online platform, Justin and Taylor give you the tools to access their method anytime, anywhere. Follow their journey as they set out to create a fitness revolution!

  • Exclusive Follow Along Programs Created by the Founders J&T
  • Custom Workouts Tailored to your Specific Goals or Injuries
  • Proven Results in 4 Weeks

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LIT Method

[ Low - Impact - Training ] The Ultimate Rowing, Resistance band, and Bodyweight Experience! No Running. No Jumping. No Weights. Created by Justin and Taylor ⚡️

By Justin and Taylor Norris

Justin & Taylor Norris Founders of @litmethod ⚡️ Ambassadors @pumaperformance Low Impact Training and Injury prevention experts


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I love Taylor and Justin
My new favorite workout series - Taylor and Justin are so enthusiastic and inspiring. My abs are sore!
Jenny Wang @jennywang01
January 15, 2019