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Lean and Strong Training Guide

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The Lean and Strong Training Guide is a 12-week online GYM-BASED training program focused on performance rather than aesthetics. It is designed to make you feel like an athlete through safe and proven training methods, minimizing the risk of injury. It takes the pressure off losing weight and looking a certain way and motivates you to push to become the most fit you have been - without the stresses and anxieties other aesthetically-based programs create. You will be so entertained with the progressions and methodology of the program that you will not be focused on how you look. Until one day you walk by a mirror and say "Holy Crap, that's me."   This program was designed for execution in a basic gym.   It is divided into three phases of weight training and cardio:  Stability Training (weeks 1-4) Strength Training (weeks 5-8) Power Training (weeks 9-12)   Purchase of this program will grant you access to the Lean and Strong Training Group on Facebook. More information to be provided in confirmation email.

This product is a PDF which can be downloaded to your computer or iPhone.

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Lean and Strong Training Guide

12-week online GYM-BASED training program focused on performance rather than aesthetics.
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Camila Mariana

SUSTAINABLE TRAINING PROGRAMS FOCUSED ON PERFORMANCE RATHER THAN AESTHETICS. Get strong, lean and healthy while developing a positive relationship with training and with your body.

By Camila Mariana
Los Angeles, CA

CAMILA MARIANA is a fitness professional born in Buenos Aires, Argentina with vast experience in group training, personal training, and program development with specific dance practice, as well as cycling and barre training. An athlete from a young age, Camila found her love for fitness when she joined her middle school dance team and cross-country team. She has been dancing, running, and lifting ever since. Before living in Los Angeles Camila lived in Miami where she danced professionally for artists like Pitbull, Ke$ha, DJ Khaled, and Jacob Forever. She also assisted during the Miami Heat Dancer auditions and judged dance competitions in Japan as well as supported training for nationally accredited dance teams. After receiving her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Public Relations and International Relations from Florida International University, and working a 9-5 in International Public Relations for three years, Camila realized she needed to make a lifestyle change and make the jump to doing what she truly loves full time – fitness. Today, Camila is a NASM certified personal trainer and Flywheel instructor who has developed the Lean and Strong Training Guides -- 12-week comprehensive weight-training programs focused on safely and functionally building lean muscle mass. When she is not on the bike, she enjoys dancing, running (just qualifying for the Boston Marathon this past October) lifting, and boot camp style training. She also likes binge-worthy Netflix series and Dulce de Leche.


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