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FIITLove At Home

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FIITlove At Home is a 4 week video series! Achieve your fitness goals right at home

FIITlove At Home is a 4 week video series!

FIITLove At Home includes:

Total body workout

Upper body workout

Lower body workout

Abs workout

4 week workout schedule

The only piece of equipment that you'll need for this video series is a pair of dumbbells and a mat!

You can use the workout schedule or go at your own pace. I recommend pairing 2 workout videos for a complete workout!

What am I actually buying?

You are purchasing a bundle of 4 videos that you will have access to stream forever from your device's browser, the Glow iPhone and AppleTV Apps, Chromecast to your TV, and our channel on Roku. Also included in this bundle is 1 PDF which can be downloaded to your computer or iPhone.

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Nina Munoz

Quick, fun, and effective workouts that can be done anywhere!

By Nina Munoz


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