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2-Week Tone-Up: Strong & Sexy Legs
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2-Week Tone-Up: Strong & Sexy Legs

5.0 Stars · 3 Reviews

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Get ready to build strong and sexy legs in just two weeks! This workout plan, designed by Class FitSugar host Anna Renderer, will work your lower body with calorie-burning cardio workouts combined with body-part-specific exercises to target your inner thighs and booty. 

  • Daily workout videos — modifications for beginners included 
  • All workouts are 30-minutes or less
  • Eight workouts curated by Class FitSugar host and ACE-certified trainer Anna Renderer that are organized into a 14-day plan
  • Recovery-day towel stretch guidance video to keep you injury-free and ready to take on your next workouts

For this program, we recommend the following equipment: two medium to heavy free weights, two light free weights, two small towels (or gliders), and one large towel.

This plan is a bundle of 14 videos that you will have access to stream forever from your device's browser, the Glow iPhone and AppleTV Apps, Chromecast to your TV, and our channel on Roku.

Questions? Email teamglow@popsugar.com
Favorite Item (26)

2-Week Tone-Up: Strong & Sexy Legs

5.0 Stars · 3 Reviews
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Overall Rating
5.0 | 3 Reviews
Very challenging
The weighted squat jump was so hard (I was using one 10lb dumbbell)! The hurdles are great for agility. Until I started working out again I didn't realize I hadn't jumped in about 20 years! Really important to do these type of exercises. Use it or lose it, as they say.
akoko @akoko
November 18, 2019
good warmup
this is a good warmup before a weight workout. Or a standalone (very) beginner workout.
akoko @akoko
November 17, 2019
Lots happening in 10 min.
This was great. I didn't have a lot of time this morning but I wanted to feel like I did something and this was great. I was a bit breathless at times and my inner thighs were definitely activated.
akoko @akoko
November 17, 2019