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Active by POPSUGAR

5.0 Stars · 14 Reviews

This monthly subscription features hundreds of workouts from celebrity trainers and POPSUGAR Fitness experts. These videos vary in level of difficulty and in duration, so no matter where you are in your fitness journey or how busy you are, you'll find your ideal workout here. Once you subscribe, you'll get:

- Over 350 POPSUGAR workout videos led by top fitness trainers to help you reach your specific goals

- Ability to search for workouts by duration, level of difficulty, and type of workout

- All videos are ad-free, so you can work out without distractions!

Get your Active subscription now and take your sweat sessions to the next level!

This plan includes a 30 day trial to a subscription with monthly access to this content. Your credit card will be charged for the first billing cycle after the trial period ends.

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Favorite Item (515)

Active by POPSUGAR

5.0 Stars · 14 Reviews
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POPSUGAR Fitness is a unique mix of fun, inspirational, and on-trend workouts you can do anytime, anywhere. Host Anna Renderer’s infectious energy and confidence inspires millions of viewers to look and feel their best with her real-time workouts. Sweat alongside Anna and top fitness experts like Deja Riley, Jake DuPree, and Rebecca Louise.

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POPSUGAR Fitness offers fresh fitness tutorials, workouts, and exercises that will help you on your road to healthy living, weight loss, and stress relief.


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Overall Rating
5.0 | 14 Reviews
Quick but Challenging
I like this 20 min HIIT routine - the pace, the challenge and the all-over body focus make it a great go-to routine for me. My husband did it - ONCE - that was enough for him!
Christina @crod99
January 17, 2020
30 min cardio and core
Slow pace but you can easily push harder if you want
Janele @janeleross
January 13, 2020
Amazing stress reliever!
Amazing stress reliever!
Courtney Little @courtlittle12
January 08, 2020
Awesome and fun cardio boost!
Zumba is lively and intense but thankfully she provides a modifier for those of us who aren’t totally in shape yet. The music is fun and peppy which makes it fun and helps it to feel more like a dance class than an exercise class. That being said my cat still came in midway just to check on me, he thought I was dying and wanted me to stop. But I lived and recommend this for someone who is somewhat in shape like me, mom of four and getting older!
January 07, 2020
Great quick workout!
You will the burn with this quick workout!
Cat @fitcat9
January 04, 2020
Such a great way to start the day. I loved the instructor!!! Such a beauty to her.
Natalie Jakopin @nataliejakopin
December 17, 2019
Best anxiety relief
Thank you! Great video.
Courtney Little @courtlittle12
December 12, 2019
This is my go-to cardio workout - love it! Great simple moves to work entire body and it goes by so fast.
Kimberly Olson @mkolson97
December 10, 2019
Le Excellent!
My favorite workout so far. Good combo working total body.
LJR @lisarish
December 08, 2019
Fun workout
Love this workout!! Very fun to do and keeps me motivated!
Carleveva @FineWine23
November 23, 2019
Great arm blast
Amanda @amandap
November 20, 2019
Great workout!
Great workout and love the different variety of options each round.
Mia @MiaFit
November 06, 2019
love this!!
Bob Sugar @bob
November 01, 2019 San Francisco, CA
Great workout!
I love anna
Bob Sugar @bob
November 01, 2019 San Francisco, CA