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30-Minute Full-Body Cardio

5.0 Stars · 7 Reviews

Jake DuPree is back to take you through a non-stop cardio and full body toning workout. Be prepared to get breathless with an intense warmup that includes mountain climbers and jump squats. Grab a pair of light free weights to take it up a level (and really burn out your arms!)

For a one-time purchase of $4.99, you’ll get unlimited access to this video, so you can watch it anytime on Glow. And, coming soon: Glow will be available to stream on your Apple TV and iOS devices!

For more from Jake DuPree visit: https://www.instagram.com/jakedupree/

Difficulty: Intermediate

This product is a video that you will have access to stream forever from your device's browser, the Glow iPhone and AppleTV Apps, Chromecast to your TV, and our channel on Roku.

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Favorite Item (80)

30-Minute Full-Body Cardio

5.0 Stars · 7 Reviews
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Overall Rating
5.0 | 7 Reviews
Best Total Body Workout!
I love Jake and his workouts! His workouts are always challenging, funny and motivating! What is not to love?! 5 stars definitely recommended.
Lianne @liannelegaspi
September 20, 2019
I will download it now.
For sale @ircyagcahr
July 03, 2019
Never disappointing with Jake! Such an effective, funny, and well-paced work out!
marilouashar @marilouashar
June 03, 2019
Jake is everything!
Purchased because Jake. Was not disappointed. Very effective and had me laughing the whole time. More Jake please!
Tpeden @Tpeden
May 09, 2019
This was great though I wanted to play it again and the video isn't loading now.
Candice @Candice2
April 17, 2019
Bought video
Why can’t I view this video anymore?
Crystal @Gcrystal
April 16, 2019
Loved it
Was looking for something fun to get me to work out again. Loved Jake...he cracked me up. BARBARAAA!
Astridarca @Astridarca
April 09, 2019