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21 Day Butt Lift
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21 Day Butt Lift

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21 Day Butt Lift is a 21-day structured program made up of five 30-minute workouts. P has created two calendars, one beginner and one advanced for a more personalized and customizable experience based on your fitness level. Beginners will learn the moves through repetition and more advanced users will perfect their form, giving them the tools for a more precise workout. Please download one of the calendars to start your program.
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You are purchasing a bundle of 6 videos that you will have access to stream forever from your device's browser, the Glow iPhone and AppleTV Apps, Chromecast to your TV, and our channel on Roku. Also included in this bundle are 2 PDFs which can be downloaded to your computer or iPhone.

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Overall Rating
4.0 | 1 Reviews
really works!
The only reason I am giving this 4 stars is because there are a few things I didn't like such as, the calanders never downloaded. And I wish the cool down was a little better. In the videos our trainer is doing a personal trainer type class I did and did not like this I thought when he showed us the moves I got more out of it then when the girls did. But what I really enjoyed is that it really worked and I felt great after each workout, he really understands the body and how it functions together.
BETSYANNE Peavey @betsy41
August 24, 2019