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Nutrition Guide

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Nutrition Guide

  • The best breakfast for YOU!
  • 17 recipes that will keep you lean, healthy, and satisfied
  • My philosophy behind nutrition science
  • Foods to stay away from & how to eat clean in 5 simple steps
  • Top snacks for curbing hunger and building lean muscle
  • Best proteins to consume when toning up
  • Best carbs to incorporate into your diet (without piling on the pounds)
  • Daily diet guide to help you stay on track
  • Sports Nutrition: What to have before, during and after workout
  • Eating for healthy skin & my top items for a clear complexion
  • The best fruits and vegetables for a balanced diet
  • How much water you need & the benefits of hydration
  • Portion control management - no need to go hungry! 

About This Shop
Rebecca Louise

I became a personal trainer and started working with a leading nutrition company in 2012. After suffering with an eating disorder in my teens, I wanted to create a program where people felt fit, strong, and confident. My programs have a variety of workouts and balanced meal plans to create the optimal healthy and active lifestyle. You get motivation and an amazing community to help you stay on track! #ICanFeelTheBurnRebecca

By Rebecca Louise
Huntington Beach, ca

Rebecca Louise - Fitness expert


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