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Island Dance Party Workout

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A full body, high energy, low impact 3 part workout that will have you sweating(cardio), toning(resistance) and dancing (afro-caribbean inspired choreography) like your BEST self! You will feel great inside and out!

Rock Your Best Island Dance Party is designed by professional dancer and fitness professional Raquel "Rocky" Horsford. This workout will deliver a fun 45 minute, full body, high energy, low impact cardio, strength and dance workout. Inspired by Afro-Caribbean grooves and moves, not only will Island Dance Party make you sweat, it will have you packing your bags to the Best island party getaway ever!

Difficulty: All
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By Rock Your Best
Los Angeles, CA

Rocky Horsford Best Hails from the east coast, this dynamic dancer/choreographer/mom brings Caribbean flair to everything she does. A Rutgers University alumna, her performance resume boasts national tours with International off-Broadway show STOMP, numerous television/film appearances and dance credits include: Beyoncé, Rihanna, Wyclef Jean, Shania Twain, Lenny Kravits, etc. but this powerhouse didn’t stop there. In addition; Rocky has worked with some of our fitness industry's finest. Her trademarked class, “Rock Your Best,” is her original creation. A full body, high energy, low impact Afro-Caribbean inspired workout that will have you feeling great inside and out!


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5.0 | 1 Reviews
Great instructor and good moves!
I can't wait to see more of Rocky's videos. She is very likable, she keeps the energy up without being annoying like so many fitness instructors. Love your squad too. I feel like number 7 here on the other side of the screen. These moves are current too, you can use many of them at any soca jam so if anyone wants to learn some moves this is your video.
akoko @akoko
August 05, 2019