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Sara Haley

Sara Haley is one of the most sought after pre and postnatal exercise specialists and a mother of three. With almost 20 years of experience in the fitness industry and 7 years as a Reebok Master Trainer, Sara has a passion for giving women tools to staying fit and healthy before, during and after pregnancy in the safest and most effective ways possible. Her best-selling fitness programs are for moms: the award-winning prenatal workout DVD, Expecting MORE®, and her recently released Pregnancy Workout Essentials Collection, The 4th Trimester Workout for postpartum and beyond, and her highly acclaimed excuse-proof workout program, Sweat UNLIMITED which offers quick workout solutions for busy people. Through her social media content, blogs, videos and products Sara inspires and helps mom thrive, not just survive in motherhood.
Santa Monica, CA 0 Sales · Opened March 2019
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Sara Haley