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Bangin' Bosu Body

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This 35 min. fun, yet challenging, unique and sweat inducing Bosu Ball workout will help to tone, tighten, strengthen and most importantly, let out your inner bad-a*s! I know so many of you wander around the gym not knowing how to use a lot of the equipment... Well, you're about to be BFFs with that under utilized half-dome guy stuffed away in the corner. Or maybe you even have one hidden in the back of your garage or closet. You always thought it seemed cool but you never really knew how to use it.

Lucky for you, it's literally my job. I have programmed a fat blasting, full body workout for you with just one piece of equipment; the Bosu Ball. I know this is one you're going to want to keep coming back to. I find myself STILL getting sore from this one even though I do it at least once a week! So get started ASAP and find YOUR bangin' bosu body.

Difficulty: All

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Favorite Item (3)

Bangin' Bosu Body

0.0 Stars
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Exclusive workouts by elite trainer and fitness model, Shannon Decker

By Shannon Decker
Los Angeles

As one of LA's top fitness instructors and personal trainers, Shannon makes her fitness program debut exclusively on Glow. You'll love her one of a kind challenging, yet fun, sweat inducing workouts...and the good news is - she's only getting started!


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