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Bench Burn Cardio

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Bench Cardio Workout + Guided Warm-up

Hate the idea of boring ol' cardio on a treadmill? Me too some days! That's why I designed this challenging and innovative bench workout just for you. Your heart rate will be elevated and just to warn you, it is very likely that you will have one of those goofy endorphin induced smiles on your face when you're done with this 25 min. sweat fest.

You get 10 unique personal trainer designed moves and only need one piece of equipment, what could be better? You'll do two rounds, and then continue on with your day being the boss that you are. Fast, not easy, and efficient. Just what you know you need and like!

Difficulty: All
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Exclusive workouts by elite trainer and fitness model, Shannon Decker

By Shannon Decker
Los Angeles

As one of LA's top fitness instructors and personal trainers, Shannon makes her fitness program debut exclusively on Glow. You'll love her one of a kind challenging, yet fun, sweat inducing workouts...and the good news is - she's only getting started!


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