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Dumbbells NOT For Dummies

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This full-body 40 min. workout may seem simple, but I promise this easy to follow weight routine will leave you breathless, happy and feeling strong as heck. This one is for those of you looking to add more spunk to your normal dumbbell weight routine. Or maybe for those of you who are ready to move past your body-weight only routine. Either way, this is a go to for me when I need a good sweat, so I know you will love it too.

All you need are two DBs and a mat in order to let the sweat pour. You will efficiently and safely blast your entire body during this 45 minute one-of-a-kind workout. With four progressive and unique rounds you will be anything but bored. And don't worry, all levels are welcome because I've made sure to include modifications for almost every move.

Difficulty: All

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Dumbbells NOT For Dummies

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Exclusive workouts by elite trainer and fitness model, Shannon Decker

By Shannon Decker
Los Angeles

As one of LA's top fitness instructors and personal trainers, Shannon makes her fitness program debut exclusively on Glow. You'll love her one of a kind challenging, yet fun, sweat inducing workouts...and the good news is - she's only getting started!


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