WearBands™ • Glow by POPSUGAR
All-new! 4-Week Full-Body Fusion. Only $19.99!


Are you interested in getting more results from all of your current workouts and fitness activities? Do you wish you saw more results from bodyweight workouts (and their endless reps!)? Do you get bored with the repetitiveness of the prescribed workouts out there? If so, consider giving WearBands™ a try. Do what you love to do, not what you have to do, to get fit. Whether choosing your own fitness activity or choosing from some of Glow's great video content, WearBands™ will boost the results simply by adding them. We’ve put the “fun” in functional resistance and given everyone and anyone the opportunity to get fitter faster. Increase strength, get more cardio, burn at least 20% more calories and get more firming and toning of you core, butt and legs doing what you want, when you want and where you want. Make any of your favorite workouts more productive in less time by simply adding WearBands™!
Boulder. CO USA 0 Sales · Opened July 2019
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