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3-Level System

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The 3-level system comes with our patented belt and socks and the first 3 levels of resistance bands.  The 3-band system is often more than enough for many people. The top two resistance levels, which are included with the 5-band system, are recommended for highly fit individuals looking to add significant resistance akin to heavier free weights.

There are currently 2 add-on accessories. Our lateral bands come in 8-inch and 11-inch lengths and can be used to increase lateral resistance. They also double as our upper-body bands and can be used with our custom gloves to complete our upper-body system. You will find the Lateral/Upper Body bands and Gloves products on our main store page, where they can be added to your cart.

WearBands are highly customizable for comfort and performance. There are 4 sock sizes, 3 band length sizes, 2 lateral bands sizes and 3 glove sizes to fit virtually anyone of any size or fitness level. You will always be able to find a size that is comfortable and exerts the right resistance for you…never too easy or too hard. With multiple resistance levels, you can use different bands for different activities and you will never plateau.


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3-Level System

🔶 DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO, NOT WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO, TO GET FIT. 🔶 WearBands™ is simply the world’s most versatile and convenient functional resistance training system. Simple to use, WearBands turns any bodyweight workout into a resistance workout, delivering more results in less time. Add it to any other workout, class or fitness accessories you enjoy and get more results in less time. Add it to any everyday activity (walking the dog, working around the house, going for a hike) and turn that activity into a productive workout. 🔶 WearBands™ takes about 60 seconds to put on in order to receive significantly more results in less time. The science behind WearBands is simple: it adds virtually constant tension to whatever you are doing with absolutely no restrictions on what you are doing; sort of like isometrics in motion. It reaches and activates more muscles for a longer period of time than you would without them. As the constant tension reaches, activates and fatigues the muscles more quickly, you receive greater gains in less time. You'll feel the difference the moment you put it on. 🔶 What does this mean for you? Simple…you spend your valuable fitness time as productively as possible. WearBands™ also happens to be the ultimate booty and leg developer, because no matter what you are doing in them, your glutes and legs (and core) are always turned on and up. Every workout or activity in WearBands™ works the booty, legs and core simultaneously. And with the addition of our recently released upper-body system, you can receive the same increased activation to your arms, shoulders, back and chest. 🔶 And yes, WearBands™ are safe! The bands are designed to stay out of your way through virtually any movement at any speed. It won't be long until you almost forget they are there...except, of course, for the extra burn! The band hardware always remains securely attached to its attachment rings, so in the very rare occasion that a band may break, nothing happens beyond at most a very light "towel snap!" The system has been rigorously tested for safety, and with several thousand systems sold, there has never been a reported injury. 🔶 WearBands may look a bit different, but they are legit! Multiple Olympic track and field medalists and elite athletes from multiple other sports train with WearBands. It is being used and is endorsed by esteemed coaches, trainers, physiotherapists and doctors. Its multiple levels of resistance in multiple lengths makes it accessible to anyone of any age, size and fitness level. You’ll always be able to find a resistance level that is right for you, and you will never plateau. ↙️↙️ PLEASE SCROLL DOWN BELOW THE ORDERING BOX TO THE SIZING CHARTS BELOW TO CHOOSE THE SIZE COMBINATION THAT IS RIGHT FOR YOU. ↙️↙️
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Are you interested in getting more results from all of your current workouts and fitness activities? Do you wish you saw more results from bodyweight workouts (and their endless reps!)? Do you get bored with the repetitiveness of the prescribed workouts out there? If so, consider giving WearBands™ a try. Do what you love to do, not what you have to do, to get fit. Whether choosing your own fitness activity or choosing from some of Glow's great video content, WearBands™ will boost the results simply by adding them. We’ve put the “fun” in functional resistance and given everyone and anyone the opportunity to get fitter faster. Increase strength, get more cardio, burn at least 20% more calories and get more firming and toning of you core, butt and legs doing what you want, when you want and where you want. Make any of your favorite workouts more productive in less time by simply adding WearBands™!

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WearBands™ is a game-changing advancement in functional resistance training. Added to absolutely any workout or activity, WearBands™ delivers increased results in less time. Since launching WearBands™ a few years ago, we have amassed thousands of very happy fitness consumers of all shapes, size and fitness levels, from world and Olympic track and field champions, down to everyday fitness consumers, 3/4 of who are women. We are proud to say that out of the several thousand systems we have sold, only 1 has EVER been returned. When people try it, they love it! WearBands™ was founded by Daniel Schreiber, who played varsity football at Duke University and went on to earn a MBA from the prestigious Wharton School. Mr. Schreiber is passionate about sports & fitness and believed that something was missing from sports & fitness training; a way to move freely under resistance with no added weight, so athletes and fitness consumers alike could work out more efficiently and more productively. Daniel lives in Boulder, CO with his wife and three young daughters.


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