XPandAir® Nasal Strips • Glow by POPSUGAR
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XPandAir® Nasal Strips

Patented XPandAir® strips were designed to EXPAND your nasal passages, enabling you to "BREATHE EASIER" during SPORTS - SLEEP - when you are congested from Colds or Allergies - at the Dentist and dozens of other daily activities! XPandAir® can also work as a Sleep aid to help you get a more restful / restorative sleep by increasing nasal air flow and decreasing air pressure. In some instances this can assist in the reduction or even elimination of snoring in some nose breathers. Compared to other products that go over the nose or are inserted into your nostrils -- XPandAir® stands alone as being one of the only external "EXPANDABLE", "ADJUSTABLE" and "REPOSITIONABLE" products EVER!
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