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XPandAir® Nasal Strips - Pack of 30 sets (60 strips) . . .

XPandAir® Nasal Strips help you BREATHE BETTER through your nasal passages in less than 30 seconds for better oxygenation and endurance during workouts.
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XPandAir® Nasal Strips - Pack of 30 sets (60 strips) . . .

Here are some benefits of nasal breathing XPandAir® Nasal Strips:

The lungs actually extract oxygen from the air during exhalation, in addition to inhalation. Because we exhale more slowly through the nose than we do though the mouth, the lungs have more time to extract oxygen from the air we’ve already taken in.

When there is proper oxygen-carbon dioxide exchange during respiration, the blood will maintain a balanced pH. If carbon dioxide is lost too quickly, as in mouth breathing, oxygen absorption is decreased, which can result in dizziness or even fainting.

Air that we inhale through the nose passes through the nasal mucosa, which stimulates the reflex nerves that control breathing. Mouth breathing bypasses the nasal mucosa and makes regular breathing difficult, which can lead to snoring, breath irregularities and sleep apnea.

Breathing through the nose forces us to slow down until proper breath is trained; therefore, proper nose breathing reduces hypertension and stress. It also helps prevent us from overexerting ourselves during a workout.

GET READY TO BREATHE BETTER with XPandAir® Nasal Strips!

ApplIcation Instructions

1.) Remove the XPandAir® strip from release liner and apply the large curved end on the outside of the nostril where the nostril and cheek meet. 

2.) Then with the opposite index finger, hold the XPandAir® strip in place near the nostril and gently pull toward the cheekbone. 

You can pull out and up to achieve the desired nasal expansion and secure it by pressing down (see illustration). 

Repeat the process for the other side.

3.) Once you’ve completed the initial application you can adjust the XPandAir® by gently releasing the tapered end closest to your cheekbone - pull gently toward your ear and refasten. 

XPandAir® is adjustable and repositionable to assist in opening your nasal passages to help you BREATHE BETTER.  

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XPandAir® Nasal Strips

Patented XPandAir® strips were designed to EXPAND your nasal passages, enabling you to "BREATHE EASIER" during SPORTS - SLEEP - when you are congested from Colds or Allergies - at the Dentist and dozens of other daily activities! XPandAir® can also work as a Sleep aid to help you get a more restful / restorative sleep by increasing nasal air flow and decreasing air pressure. In some instances this can assist in the reduction or even elimination of snoring in some nose breathers. Compared to other products that go over the nose or are inserted into your nostrils -- XPandAir® stands alone as being one of the only external "EXPANDABLE", "ADJUSTABLE" and "REPOSITIONABLE" products EVER!

By Andrew Lehman
Scottsdale, AZ


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