POPSUGAR Fitness 4 Week Full Body Fusion
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4 Weeks of Curated Workouts
Strengthen, sculpt, dance, box, and restore with a fitness plan from five expert instructors. Mix up your fitness routine with a variety of workouts. Get the benefits of strength, cardio, and flexibility all in one program.
Cardio Barre
Boxing + Conditioning
Strength Training
Dance Cardio
Efficient, Full-Body Fitness
See your progress each week with 25 easy-to-follow workout videos, all under 45 minutes. Each workout is shown with modifications, so you can follow along at any fitness level. See all videos included in the plan.
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Work Out Anytime, Anywhere
Access your workouts on demand at home or on the go from your phone, laptop, tablet, or TV. Own your workout with a one-time purchase — no subscription or long-term commitment required.
Achieve Your Goals While Having Fun
Our inspiring trainers sweat with you through every session with energy and motivation, supporting you on your fitness journey. Four weeks to a healthier, stronger, and more confident you!
Meet Your Expert Instructors
Jake DuPree
Jake is a popular trainer on POPSUGAR Fitness' Class FitSugar series, barre instructor, and dancer. He leads six fast-paced cardio barre workouts that strengthen, tone, and burn. His workouts are nonstop, but Jake’s signature sassy humor will be the encouragement you need to push through.
Koya Webb
Koya is a holistic health coach, yoga teacher, and author who is on a mission to empower healthy living. She guides three yoga sessions, including one flow and two restorative sessions each ending with a meditation. These sessions will leave you feeling balanced and energized.
Raneir Pollard
Raneir is equal parts comedian and fitness professional. Raneir instructs six high-intensity strength and cardio training sessions to build endurance, burn fat, and tone your muscles. He plays with the interval lengths to keep you on your feet in these challenging workouts that will leave you sweating.
Christa DiPaolo
Join Boxing and Bubbles creator Christa DiPaolo as you sculpt your way to a full-body workout centered around boxing and kickboxing techniques. Motivated by Christa’s infectious energy, you’ll sweat with a smile through her six workouts and have a knockout good time.
Amanda Kloots
As a former Broadway dancer, Radio City Rockette, and now celebrity trainer, Amanda will have you smiling through her four dance cardio workouts. Her classes feature a mix of dance and cross training with special attention on form to create a unique, fun workout that will have you drenched in sweat. Get ready to dance!

"I LOVED the workouts. Ranier has such a fun personality that makes working out fun. The workouts were challenging, but definitely doable for all fitness levels. I would recommend this workout to anyone that wants to work hard, with some laughs along the way to help get you through those hard parts!"
- Britany
"Jake Dupree is a trainer I want to train with everyday. He is so funny which takes your mind off the work he’s putting you through. The No Plank Abs is especially creative, challenging you to work the core differently! I love it!"
- Meagan
"Christa DiPaolo videos are totally unique and are full body, effective workouts that kick your booty in the most enjoyable way! Her workouts are tough, but with Christa’s uplifting and humorous personality she helps you get through it, making you stronger and excited for the next time you sweat it out with her guidance!"
- Jonelle
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What fitness level is this program designed for?
While the workouts are challenging, each workout video includes suggested modifications for beginners.
Do I need equipment for this program?
No special equipment is required, but light and medium free weights are recommended as well as a resistance band.
What exactly am I getting with this purchase?
You are purchasing a bundle of 25 curated workout videos that you will have access to stream any time:

  • 6 Strength Training + Cardio videos by Raneir Pollard
  • 6 Cardio Barre videos by Jake DuPree
  • 6 Boxing + Conditioning videos by Christa DiPaolo
  • 4 Dance Cardio videos by Amanda Kloos
  • 3 Yoga + Meditation videos by Koya Webb

Is this a subscription?
This program is not a subscription, it is a one-time purchase for $19.99. You can access the workouts any time with no ongoing commitment.
How do I access the content?
All content that you purchased will be available in your Glow library. You can view your library on the glow.popsugar.com website, the Glow iPhone and AppleTV Apps, Chromecast to your TV, and the Glow channel on Roku.
When does access to this content expire?
These videos do not expire! You can access these workouts anytime in your library with this one time purchase. You'll have access as long as you have a Glow account.
Does Glow have an iOS or Android app?
Glow has an iOS app in the app store and an Android app in the Google Play store. In the app, you can download the workouts directly to your device for easy viewing. You can find the iOS app here and the the Android app here.
Can I stream Glow videos on my TV?
Yes! There are a few ways you can watch Glow content on your TV. If you have Chromecast, you can cast to your TV using one of our mobile apps or the Chrome browser on your desktop, laptop or Android device. If you have an Apple TV, you can download the Glow by POPSUGAR app. If you have a Roku, download the Glow by POPSUGAR channel and login by activating your device at https://glow.popsugar.com/activate
What are Glow credits?
Credits/points are available for purchase in the Glow iOS app. You can use those credits and apply them to a Glow product. Visit your Profile to purchase points. You can purchase 100 Glow credits for $0.99. Credits are only used in the app and are not used on the website.