8-Week Workout Program
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With over 150 moves explained step-by-step alongside video demonstrations, G8WAY’s focus on form and functional movement will make you feel in control of your body and your fitness future.

Brooke has put together a program that is perfect for beginners who have very little fitness experience, those who are recovering from an injury and ready to ease back into working out safely, and anyone who wants to revisit their foundational movements, no matter how long they have been exercising.

Modifications and progressions are offered along the way in case certain moves feel too easy/hard, so you’ll always feel challenged and safe.

You’ll start off by completing a series of movements in a pre-start fitness test and then do that same test 8 weeks later after you’ve finished G8WAY. Wait until you see how far you can go!

Brooke will take you through each day, rotating through muscle groups and workout styles. Workouts last anywhere from 35-50 minutes, making them short enough to fit them into a busy schedule but long enough to get the most bang for your buck!

Best of all, G8WAY does not require you to have a gym membership in order to participate. Those with a gym will be able to utilize a variety of equipment that is standard at most fitness facilities. For those exercising outside of the gym, Brooke gives you home options for any exercise that uses specialized equipment.



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Founded by NASM-Certified Personal Trainer Brooke Ashley Mullen, FLIPSIDE is home to fitness, workout programs, and kick-ass swag!

By Brooke Ashley Mullen
New York City

Founder of FLIPSIDE NEW YORK and creator of G8WAY, an 8-week foundation-building workout program. Brooke is a NASM Certified personal trainer, the Lead Cycling instructor at Chelsea Piers Fitness, co-founder of Fit With BAE, and group fitness instructor. She has been working with a wide variety of clients for many years and has used her experience to develop a workout program geared towards learning proper form and technique and increasing core strength, stability, and neuromuscular efficiency. A strong foundation takes you further. Her goal is for you to build your strength in the smartest and most efficient way possible!


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