Frequently Asked Questions • Glow by POPSUGAR

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Glow exclusive?

No. You can display and sell your content anywhere else you'd like, but we only ask that pricing for such content is equal across all distribution channels and it’s not made available for free anywhere else. However, we’d love it if you created content that is exclusively available on Glow!

Who owns my content posted on Glow?

You own your content and give Popsugar rights to use your content only in connection with the Glow service and for marketing purposes.

Can I sell a workout video as both an stand-alone product and as part of a set or subscription plan?

Definitely! You can choose how you want to package up your content, and you determine the prices. Subscriptions must be on a monthly basis though.

Can I limit the number of downloads on my non-video content such as PDFs and eBooks?

Sure. You can specify between 1-5 downloads.

Can I sell my physical merchandise on Glow?

Yes! You can sell physical merchandise on Glow. Glow does not hold inventory and you will be responsible for shipping to the buyer.

What is the process for shipping of merchandise?

You have the option to turn off shipping for products if you choose to cover shipping yourself, or have the buyer pay for shipping via USPS and Glow will send you the shipping label to adhere to your package.

Do you charge a commission or transaction fee?

You keep 75% of net revenue from each sale completed through Glow, which excludes taxes, fees and any discount codes.

How do I get paid for a sale?

Once you have created a shop you will set up payment details by providing us with your bank account. We will create an account for you on the Stripe Connect platform, our designated third party payment processor. You will be paid directly by the buyer via Stripe.

When do I get paid for a sale?

After your form of payment is approved, you can expect to get paid within 24 hours of a sale transaction.

What happens if I want to remove a product I've already sold?

The removed product will still be available to buyers who have purchased it, but it will no longer be listed in your shop.

Will there be a dashboard I can use to manage my shop?

Of course! Your shop dashboard will let you know how many users visited your shop, how many sales you've made, which of your products are selling the best, how many times your content is replayed, etc.

How do I let my current clients and followers know about my Glow shop?

Feel free to link and share your own Glow shop on your social media accounts!

What are Glow's social media accounts?

Find us at @joinglow on Instagram and Twitter!

I have another question that isn't answered here. What do I do?

Shoot us an email!