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Bodyweight Bootcamp Guide

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My Bodyweight Bootcamp Guide will get you fit in less than 30 minutes a day. You can do these workouts anywhere, with no equipment needed. The plan outlines which moves to do & when, how many reps, sets & proper form. You get pictures showing every exercise and a monthly calendar to make it simple to follow. I've included beginner & advanced options, so anyone can join in!

Often, the hardest parts of a workout are the motivation and knowing what to do! So let me help you! With this guide, you can workout right after you roll out of bed, or while on a beach vacation. No equipment needed, just your body!! You’ll get workouts that focus on strength, toning, lengthening and losing fat... all in one plan. The workout calendar lays it all out for you, so there’s no wondering what to do each day. Just follow the moves, and get sweating and fit!!

This product is a PDF which can be downloaded to your computer or iPhone.

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Bodyweight Bootcamp Guide

Workout anywhere with my bodyweight Bootcamp guide. All you need is your body and these moves! Get a full month of workouts to follow from anywhere.
1.0 Stars · 1 Reviews
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Fitness expert & mama helping others make health choices a lifestyle. Elyse is an international trainer with NordicTrack, a Bootcamp instructor & virtual coach focusing on quick workouts & fast clean meals.

By Elyse

Fitness expert & mama of two helping others make healthy choices into a lifestyle. Elyse is an international trainer with NordicTrack & iFit, a bootcamp instructor, nutrition consultant & virtual coach. Her workout style is fast, effective & with little to no equipment. Elyse is all about quick, clean meals and short, intense workouts so you can get on with life's many demands.


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November 13, 2019