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The Stretch*d Strap

Your go-to strap for pre and post-workout stretches
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The Stretch*d Strap

Use this Stretch*d strap to Get Loose wherever you happen to be - in the comfort of your own home, gym or patch of grass! Stretch*d strap allows you to safely stretch with a greater range of motion than you can achieve on your own. It allows you to stretch without applying weight to the muscle - a much safer and more effective way to get a great stretch through the legs and hips. Regular stretching helps you improve performance, recover faster and reduce soreness - leaving you feeling great from head-to-toe.

About This Shop

Stretch*d is a space for 1-on-1 assisted stretching. A professional Stretch*r moves your body through dynamic stretches - improving flexibility, mobility and reducing pain. The Stretch*d Method uses active isolation principles to effectively and safely lengthen your muscles - improving performance, range of motion and posture, while reducing stiffness, soreness and stress. Visit our Flatiron space and let us do the stretching for you, or purchase the Stretch*d Strap here and Get Loose at home.

By Stretch*d
New York, NY

Stretch*d was developed by a team of wellness pioneers, business leaders and stretch experts. Co-Founders Vanessa Chu and Amanda Freeman know the importance of stretching to counteract the wear and tear of daily life, and having always found it hard (and dull) to do it on their own, they developed Stretch*d in 2018. Stretch*d makes stretching enjoyable, convenient. If you're in NYC, come get Stretch*d in a 25, 55 or 75 minute session. Perform Better: Increase range of motion and activate key muscle groups. Recover Faster: Reduce stiffness and soreness, get back to your routine sooner. Reduce Risk of Injury: Alleviate joint stress and improve longevity. De-Stress: Make space for yourself. Relax while Stretch*d does the stretching. Visit to schedule a stretch!


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