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Shelly Knight

New York Metro Area
Joined June 2019
My passion for rhythmic movement started at a young age. It evolved into an early career in dance and fitness that drew me into the core of the classical Pilates movement, training and teaching with respected second generation Pilates disciplines for the past 18 years. With the knowledge of Pilates and my natural creativity, I was introduced to 'barre' in 2003 and helped to pioneer the barre movement. Before 'barre' was barre, I helped launch the first licensed Lotte Berk Method studio. You may recognize me as a lead choreographer in two world wide popular DVDs - Arm and Ab Booster and Thigh and Seat Booster. As with many driven woman trying to balance life and career, many things changed as I married and welcomed two young children to our family. Working through the process of balancing a healthy family life, my creativity and career drive – I crafted 'The Knight Technique'. The Knight Technique (TKT) is a full body integration of Pilates and barre contouring sequences.
The Knight Technique
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