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Boulder, CO, USA
Joined May 2019
WearBands™ is a game-changing advancement in functional resistance training. Added to absolutely any workout or activity, WearBands™ delivers increased results in less time. Since launching WearBands™ a few years ago, we have amassed thousands of very happy fitness consumers of all shapes, size and fitness levels, from world and Olympic track and field champions, down to everyday fitness consumers, 3/4 of who are women. We are proud to say that out of the several thousand systems we have sold, only 1 has EVER been returned. When people try it, they love it!

WearBands™ was founded by Daniel Schreiber, who played varsity football at Duke University and went on to earn a MBA from the prestigious Wharton School.

Mr. Schreiber is passionate about sports & fitness and believed that something was missing from sports & fitness training; a way to move freely under resistance with no added weight, so athletes and fitness consumers alike could work out more efficiently and more productively.

Daniel lives in Boulder, CO with his wife and three young daughters.
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